Adaptis: a portable internet connection for all vehicles

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A portable communication system for the military that can be easily installed on vehicles


The ability to install Starlink on the roof of any vehicle, mobility, additional protection of the antenna from external factors.


– Conversion service to a mobile version
– Housing made of virgin ABS plastic 3 mm with UV filter
– 4x Hinged supports
– 4×66 mm neodymium NdFeB rubberized magnets
– Tear-off force 4×60+ kg
– Waterproof RJ45 port with plastic cap
– Corrosion protection of the printed circuit board
– Recycled original cable
– Dimensions: 370x580x67 mm
– Weight: 3 kg


– is mounted on the roof of the car using strong neodymium magnets
– operates at a speed of 200 km/h
– Internet up to 220 mb/sec
– easy to install
– ergonomic body provides additional camouflage

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Adaptis: a portable internet connection for all vehicles

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