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Propeller for seven inch FPV drones


The invention is a propeller for seven-inch FPV drones, characterized by high thrust and efficiency.

– The propellers are made of nylon, which provides an optimal combination of strength and weight, contributing to the drone’s performance. Their characteristics make them compatible with all seven-inch drones, providing versatility and a wide range of applications.

Experiments on the thrust test bench for the motor-propeller group, using EM2810 1280KV motors, demonstrated a maximum thrust of up to 2047 grams at 699 watts. This is 32 watts more than the results of analogs, which indicates an increase in flight range and flight time.


  • The propellers were tested on the stand, where they showed high thrust and performance.
  • The color scheme of the offered propellers can vary depending on the tasks envisaged for a particular drone.

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AMM propellers

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