Antenna for controlling drones and UAVs

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Antennas for frequencies of 430, 860-930, 1200-1300, 2400, 5800 MHz. To save the lives of operators.


The antenna is connected to the drone’s control panel via a cable of the required length to allow the operator to be in a protected location (basement, bunker, dugout, etc.). The antenna helps to save the life of the operator and increase the range of the drone, as well as prevent the effects of EW.

Standard equipment:

Antenna with mounting for a pipe, mast, with the ability to change the angle of the antenna. The complete set is available on request. Some orders include a cable with the required connectors.

Technical characteristics:

– ENERGY MIMO 1700-2700 MHz panel antenna
– Color – OIL, protective, Available – green, black, white (ready to ship)
– Operating frequency range, MHz – 1700-2700 MHz
– Input impedance, Ohm – 75, 50
– Polarization – vertical/horizontal
— Overall dimensions without mounting, m – 0.23×0.23×0.04

The antennas are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of TU U 26.3-1862903894-001:2014


  • own production
  • availability of goods in the warehouse
  • efficiency of deliveries
  • additional equipment, if necessary (at the request of the customer)
  • competitive price ($15/unit)
  • Quality: from materials to specifications
  • repeatability of the product
  • qualified staff with work experience
  • the ability to produce antennas according to specified characteristics

The antennas have been used by the military since the first days of the war for their intended purpose. Through volunteers, charitable organizations, and directly from the manufacturer to the military.

We also have antennas for different frequencies, for the production of our own EWRs, radars, for controlling drones at other frequencies (860-920, 1200-1300 MHz), for communication, and others.

The author of the invention / company: Enterprise “Energia”

Antenna for controlling drones and UAVs

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