Anti-aircraft searchlight

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Anti-aircraft searchlight for UAV search

The searchlight can be used both for ground targets, with a wider angle, and for searching for targets in the air with a targeted beam. The mobility of the spotlight allows you to avoid wasting time rearranging or carrying heavy analogs.

– Maximum range up to 1.5 km
– Average working range 1 km
– World angle 2°
– Luminous flux 9000 Lumens
– Cree LEDs
– Operating time from 1 4Ah battery – 45 minutes
– Universal use: handheld or on a stand, can be mounted on another surface (M6 screw)
– Weight 4 kg

The kit:
– Rack
– 2×45 Spotlight 90W
– 2 batteries 4A 20V each
– Charging
– Bag
– Built-in charger (power bank) and flashlight


  • Lightweight and compact. A stand and a shoulder strap are provided as standard, allowing for quick changes of direction during operation. The operator can control the searchlight with one hand.
  • Thanks to the design of the luminaire, the light is not reflected in the opposite direction, meaning that the person or the counter is not visible at all.
  • The specially designed body, thanks to the pipe-shaped shade, does not blind the operator.
  • The floodlights can be used both from the 220V network and from batteries, as well as from 12V in the car with the engine running.
  • Manufacturing of floodlights specifically for the customer’s needs.

The author of the invention / company: ARLED Company

Anti-aircraft searchlight

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