Anti-aircraft turret for M2 Browning

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For mobile groups against UAVs


Anti-aircraft turret for the Browning M2 – designed to solve air defense tasks, namely to shoot down drones and small flying targets. It can also be used against enemy infantry and light armored vehicles. The anti-aircraft turret is mounted on the body of a pickup truck or other similar vehicle and is designed to provide circular fire both while driving and in stationary conditions.

Overall dimensions of the turret:

– length 1100 mm
– width 229 mm
– height 1400 mm.

M2 Browning weapon holders:

– Vertical aiming and firing angle -5º + 75º
– Rotation angle of 360 °
– Body material Steel
– Weight 110 kg.


The anti-aircraft turret combines the technological advantages of an anti-aircraft gun and a turret, which makes it mobile, efficient and cost-effective. The main design feature of our development is the ability of the machine gunner to control the tilt angles with his body weight, which in turn allows him to move both horizontally and vertically. The design feature allows the shooter to aim the machine gun at a height almost above himself, and the locking devices allow fixing the position of the machine gun’s tilt angles in any vertical position. This setup allows the gunner to quickly change position in accordance with the target while remaining in combat readiness.

Anti-aircraft turret for M2 Browning

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