Anti-drone gun

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Destroys enemy UAVs.

A device for fighting drones.

ANTIDRON KVSG-6″” blocks frequencies:
1. Remote radio control and video transmission 2.4G WIFI 2400-2500 MHz 20 W
2. GPS navigation L2 1227 MHz 10 W
3. Remote radio control 868-912 MHz (860-920 MHz) 10 W
4. Remote radio control 433-434 MHz 10 W
5. Navigation GPS L1 + Glonass 1575 -1620 MHz 20 W
6. Remote radio control and video transmission 5.8G 5.7-5.9 GHz 10 W

The total output power is 80 W.
The blocking radius is up to 3000 meters.
Cooling system – radiators.
The antennas are directional.
The blocking distance will vary depending on the signal strength and the operator’s location.
The battery life is 25-30 minutes.
The power supply is AC100-240V-DC24-27V.
Dimensions – 930x280x70 mm
Weight without battery is 4.5 kg, with battery – 6 kg.


  • Focus of action.
  • Counteracts most types of drones.
  • Portable thanks to the rechargeable battery.
  • Indication of battery power.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • A separate switch for each frequency.
  • Quick deployment.

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Anti-drone gun

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