Armored demining trailer

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A trailer for the safe transportation of unexploded ordnance.

Safe transportation of ammunition to the disposal site.

A 4-wheel trailer reinforced with two axles and a braking system.
Metal frame made of armor steel (10 mm).
The load capacity of the projectiles is 150 kg.
Increased cross-country ability of the trailer.
The ability to attach a trailer not only to the crossover.
A remote container for convenient loading of shells.
Separate axle for easy braking.


  • The invention was made to order by deminers and was designed based on their recommendations.
  • The top of the trailer is unarmored to direct the force of the explosion in a safe direction.
  • It has a device for loading ammunition.
  • Reduces the risk of malfunction during transportation of ammunition.

Inventor / company: NGO “What have you done?”

Armored demining trailer

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