Armored wheels

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They keep the machine moving even if all tires are damaged.

Keeps the machine moving if all tires are damaged. A special insert creates additional space between the tire and the rim. The runflat design keeps the tire from slipping and skidding while driving on a punctured tire. This makes the car easier to drive, prevents rapid deformation of the wheel rim and allows you to drive 40 km without stopping on damaged wheels.

Rigid inner wheel insert consisting of four components and a mounting system.
The height of the insert is 8 cm.
The weight is 9 kg.
The range is 45 km at an average speed of 30 km/h.


  • Ukrainian production.
  • Keeps vehicles moving.
  • Reduces human losses.
  • Reduces vehicle losses.
  • Increases the useful space in the car by eliminating the spare wheels.
  • Increases the range of the vehicle.
  • According to the test results, the total distance traveled with tire damage was 45 km. The average speed is 36 km/h, the maximum speed reached is 60 km/h. After inspection, the product was not deformed or otherwise damaged and can be used repeatedly. The Armed Forces of Ukraine uses runflat mainly in new armored vehicles of domestic production and vehicles transferred from partners.

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Armored wheels

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