Autonomous mobile visual reconnaissance complex “TORONTO-1”

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An autonomous visual reconnaissance system with remote control.


An autonomous complex that allows you to detect enemy targets offline (up to 20 hours) at a distance of up to 5 km (infantry), up to 15 km (vehicles).
The complex is mobile – on the basis of a trailer, 2 soldiers are required to put it into a combat position (time to put it into a combat position is 20-30 minutes), or even 1 soldier (time 45-60 minutes)

Package contents:

– Chassis based on a trailer
– Mast with a hydraulic lift from the marching position to the vertical position and transfer to the combat position with the help of a winch
– Camera with 40x zoom and PTZ control
– Gel battery 200Ah with hybrid solar inverter
– Starlink satellite communication system
– Generator 1.8 kW


  • Up to 20 subscribers can view the video at the same time (with differentiated access rights), and the camera can be controlled remotely (rotation, tilt, and other settings)
  • Subscribers can be physically located anywhere with Internet access and watch the video online on a laptop, tablet or even a regular phone
  • The advantages of the complex are its mobility and autonomy, and the versatility of the platform – it can be used to install any other cameras or even completely different telecommunications equipment (RER, REB, repeaters).
  • 4 complexes have been operating in the forefront for over 9 months
  • Possibility to install any other type of telecommunication equipment

Autonomous mobile visual reconnaissance complex “TORONTO-1”

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12 000 $