Autonomous uninterruptible power supply system for 2.5 kWh

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The 2.5 kWh autonomous uninterruptible power supply system has a pure sine wave of 2 kW and weighs 20 kg.


The 2.5 kW self-contained uninterruptible power supply system can charge a variety of military devices and equipment, including:
– Communication electronics: Radios, modern communication devices and other elements of communication in the field.
– Navigation equipment: GPS devices, navigation systems, and other devices for orientation.
– Optical and Thermal Imaging Equipment: Binoculars, thermal imagers and other optical devices for night and day vision.
– Electronic Guidance and Surveillance Devices: Devices for precise targeting and surveillance on the battlefield.
– Medical Equipment: Portable medical devices and equipment for first aid and medical diagnostics.
– Portable power tools: Power tools for maintenance and repair tasks.
– Computer Equipment: Laptops, notebooks and other electronic devices.
– Charging Batteries and Devices: Provide power to recharge batteries, backup power supplies, and other electronic devices.

The 2.5 kW autonomous uninterruptible power supply system proves to be a very effective and strategically important solution for military operations. Due to its high capacity and portability, this system provides independent power supply for various military devices and equipment in the absence of main power sources. Its ability to generate a pure sine wave with an output power of up to 2 kW makes it ideal for powering electronics, communication systems, radio equipment, and other technical devices sensitive to current stability and quality. The portability of the system allows for quick deployment of power supply in any location, which is critical for military operations and mobile military units. Compact dimensions and light weight make it easy to carry and suitable for use in the field and transportation

Technical characteristics:

– Capacity: 2.5 kWh – Ensures long-term operation of electrical equipment and devices in the absence of standard power supplies.
– Output power: 2 kW – Provides a stable current to power electronics and military equipment.
– Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave – Provides a high degree of stability and low harmonic levels, which is important for devices sensitive to power quality.
– Portability: Weight 20 kg – Lightweight and portable, ideal for military operations and use in hard-to-reach environments.
– Output sockets: Standard outlets for connecting a variety of devices and equipment.
– Surge protection: Built-in surge protection to prevent damage to electronics during adverse conditions.
– Control system: Automatic voltage and frequency regulator to ensure stable operation.
– Highly efficient batteries: Utilizing state-of-the-art battery technology to ensure high levels of efficiency and durability.
– Charging: full charge in 2 hours.


  • Independence from the power grid: Provides independent power in the absence of standard power sources, making it ideal for military operations in remote or vulnerable areas.
  • Portability: The light weight and compact size allow for quick portability and deployment to any location, increasing mobility and readiness for action.
  • Stability of power supply: Pure sine wave and stable power output guarantees uninterrupted power for current-sensitive electronic devices and equipment.
  • Surge Protection: Built-in surge protection prevents possible damage and ensures a long system life.
  • Efficient Management: The automatic voltage and frequency controller, as well as interfaces for remote monitoring and control, make the system easy to use and maintain.
  • High Energy Efficiency: The use of advanced battery technology ensures a high level of efficiency and long battery life.
  • Versatility of use: The ability to power a variety of military devices, electronics and equipment, making the system a versatile and important component for military operations.
  • Tests: The 2.5 kW military battery system underwent a series of tests to ensure high reliability and compliance with military standards before being deployed in military operations. The tests included: Resistance to extreme conditions: The system was exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity and vibrations to test its adaptability to various climatic conditions and technical challenges on the battlefield.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing: Ensures that electromagnetic fields do not interfere with the system and other electronic devices. – Explosion safety testing: Resistance to explosions and high pressure has been tested to ensure safety in possible combat use.

Inventor / company: IGLA Power

Autonomous uninterruptible power supply system for 2.5 kWh

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