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Batteries made of 21700 cells assembled in Ukraine.


PAWELL BATTERIES are designed for use in UAVs, airborne and ground drones.
It allows you to perform tasks regardless of the type of drone: scout, bomber, kamikaze. Provide consistently long airtime and maximum flight speed for FPV.


Manufacturer of elements: Molicel/Liitokala
Assembly scheme: 6S 2P
Rated voltage: 3,7 * 6 = 22,2 В
Nominal capacity: 4.5 * 2 = 8000mAh
Continuous discharge current: 80А+
Weight: 887 grams


Price for 10pcs: 2977 UAH
Price per unit: 3280 UAH


  • Weight and dimensions: With a reasonable weight (906 grams) and size (1308043 mm) ratio, the batteries are easy to install on board a UAV or drone.
  • Long service life: Thanks to the use of high-quality components and design, the batteries have a long service life.
  • Maximum capacity: The batteries have a nominal capacity of 8.4Ah, which allows you to power UAVs and drones for a long time.
  • Lithium-ion technology (Li-ion NMC): The use of modern lithium-ion cells ensures high capacity and reliable battery operation.
  • Batteries can be of any combination: 2S is for UAS, 6s1p – FPV kamikaze drone, 6s2p – FPV scout or bomber, 6s8p for large reconnaissance drones with 6 blades or more, batteries for ground evacuation drones or remote mining drones – here the battery collection system depends on the specific drone

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Pawell Battery

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