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A tactical dual-purpose trolley. Evacuation of the wounded from the front line.


– Evacuate the wounded from the front line to an ambulance or ambulance.
– Transportation (transportation of payload)
– Mobile sleeper.


– The frame is steel, folding.
– Working load: up to 120 kg.
– Dimensions of the platform for transportation of the victim in the unfolded form: 1800×610 mm
– Dimensions of the platform for cargo transportation when folded: 920×610 mm
– Working length with handle: 2400 mm.
– Loading height from ground to platform: 420 mm.
– Dimensions when folded (in the package): 1000 x 950 x 480mm
– The chassis consists of 4 tubeless (polyurethane) wheels mounted on a rocker arm according to the ROCKER-BOGIE principle (one of the types of suspension without an elastic element)
– Weight without packaging 28 kg


Since the pairs are mutually independent, the chassis can overcome various obstacles on the right and left sides simultaneously, which allows all wheels to maintain constant contact with the surface, as well as to maintain the horizontal position of the frame body when driving, regardless of the terrain.
The chassis can overcome large obstacles by raising the wheel pairs alternately.

BullDog allows you to evacuate a person and bring the cargo directly to the trench. During transportation, it maintains a horizontal plane, no obstacles.

The author of the invention / company: https://www.bulldogbogie.com/


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