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Charging the battery of copter and aircraft-type UAVs, gadgets and radios.

Burevii series A
An electric power storage system designed for use in aerial reconnaissance operations to charge the batteries of copters and aircraft, designed to fit any unmanned aerial vehicle.

DJI Matrix battery charging
Capacity 1’400’000 mAh / 5200 Wh
USB3-4 pcs QC 24W + PD 100W
number of connections 220 3 pcs
total power 220V 2500W

Inventor / company: https://www.burevii.com/

Stay always connected, feel safe and operate comfortably in extreme conditions and unpredictable situations;

Helping military and civilians to be energy independent for a long time with powerful, compact and autonomous electrical energy storage;

Charge your phone, tablet or radio. Power a satellite modem or set up a communication hub. Deploy emergency lighting or heat water. Or even do it all at the same time — possibly using energy storage devices.


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