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Deployment of temporary communication hubs, charging portable radios, thermal imagers, scopes, gadgets, and phones.

The power storage system is designed to be used in combat conditions, to organize communication nodes, charge thermal imagers, scopes, tablets, phones and specialized gadgets. For greater fault tolerance, we have selected technologically advanced and long-lasting components: from connecting cables and batteries to controls. During operation, changes were made based on feedback from the frontline for greater reliability and fault tolerance.

Capacity – 360’000 mAh / 1332 Watt hours.
USB 6 pcs 5V / 2A / 10W.
Number of 220 connections – 2 pcs.
Total power 220V 500 W.


  • It allows you to stay in touch, feel safe, and act comfortably in extreme conditions and unpredictable situations.
  • It helps military and civilians to be energy independent for a long time with powerful, compact and autonomous electric energy storage.
  • Charges your phone, tablet, or radio. Powers a satellite modem and sets up a communication site. 2
  • Deploys emergency lighting and heats water.
  • It allows you to do all this at the same time.

Author of the invention: https://www.burevii.com/


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