Charging station TISON ENERGY 1300 SLIM

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The charging station is designed specifically for military needs. Made in Ukraine. Certified.


TISON ENERGY 1300 SLIM has been certified and proves its effectiveness in extreme combat conditions.


– Capacity: 1300Wh/350000mA;
– Inverter with a regular sine wave: 2x500W (peak 2x1000W);
– Lithium NMC batteries. More than 2000 discharge-charge cycles;
– The weight is 9 kg;
– Dimensions: 31x10x30 cm;
– Charging from a 220V network in just 2.6 hours;
– Built-in 4 modules with support for all fast charging protocols (USB-A, USB-type C);
– 12V cigarette lighter


  • certified product
  • aluminum housing
  • the only station with a heated battery pack
  • overload protection (has replaceable fuses for speakers)
  • electronic fuse for 12V cigarette lighter
  • the station will start the car with a low battery
  • charger is built into the station body (charging from 220V in just 2.6 hours)
  • it is possible to connect an additional battery

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Charging station TISON ENERGY 1300 SLIM

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