Custom battery for the Corsair ATGM

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Battery for the Corsair ATGM.


The battery with the same dimensions has 2 times the factory capacity.

Battery characteristics:

– Length 150mm / Width 82mm / Height 43mm / Weight 900g
– Capacity 153W*h

Available ports:

– UZNP9-7RP-12-L – 1 pc.
– USB Type-C – 1 pc.
– MicroUSB – 1 pc


To unify charging ports and chargers, a USB Type-C and Micro USB charging port has been added to the battery, so you can easily charge this battery with any phone charger if you don’t have a factory charger nearby.

A charge capacity indicator has been added to the battery. You know the level of charge, and therefore you are confident in your weapon!

Custom battery for the Corsair ATGM

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