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Electronic warfare system against unmanned aerial vehicles (fpv) in the frequency range 710 – 1010MHz


The short-range dome-type electronic warfare system is designed to protect wheeled and lightly armored vehicles from being hit by FPV drones operating in the frequency range of 710-1010MHz


– Three separate jamming units 710-840Mhz, 840-950Mhz, 950-1010Mhz
– The power of each unit is 50W
– Zone of influence of initial interference 100-50 meters
– Zone of complete loss of control 50-25 meters
– Autonomous operation of the kit for 2.5 hours


– Innovative antenna of our own design
– Modular architecture of the complex
– Passive cooling

Factory tests were successfully completed and the device was tested at the front. Orders are shipped daily, up to 100 devices per month.

The updated version of the device has successfully passed field tests. Improved cooling system, improved antenna protection


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