Demining robot to help sappers

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An indispensable robotic assistant for sappers.

Delivery of a charge for controlled detonation, delivery of tracer cats to determine the nature of an object, video reconnaissance of a route or object.

The carrying capacity is 50 kg.
Manipulator arm with three degrees of freedom and grip.
The gripper has a lifting capacity of 3 kg.
Remote control.
Video monitor with a video signal transmission range of 300 m of direct operation, 150 m through obstacles/buildings.


  • The robotic platform with a tracked chassis powered by electric motors allows for smooth movement with accurate turns.
  • The cost is $3000, which is 20 times cheaper than analogs costing $50,000-$60,000.

The author of the invention: NGO “School of Robotics “Forward to the Future” (TEAM OF ENGINEERS)

Demining robot to help sappers

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The cost
120 000 uah
Investment amount
120 000 uah