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A military vehicle that knows no barriers.

Cargo transportation.

4 seats for the crew and 1 bed for the wounded.
The ground clearance is 45 cm.
Weight – 650 kg
The engine is 1.8 gasoline or 1.9 diesel.
The wheelbase is 220 cm.
The roof of the buggy has an additional trunk, which can be used to transport BCs, cargo or install machine guns and AGS.
Two rows of headlights, one on the front and one on the roof.
Long mufflers with two resonators.


  • The fuel tank and radiator are hidden – in case of damage, neither fuel nor hot antifreeze will get on the crew.
  • The volume of the buggy is minimal, just like in a regular car.
  • High maintainability.
  • The buggy has open wheels so that it can be easily disassembled and repaired in the field.
  • All components are made from serial machines.
  • Each buggy has a QR code that can be used to find out the entire list of buggy spare parts.

Author of the invention: https://dracarys.in.ua/


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