Sapper drone based on an ATV

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Humanitarian and combat demining.

Base of the quad bike
Speed: 20-30 km/h
One engine P = 1 kW in the base model
BATTERY: 2-8 kWh
Battery life: 3-12 hours
Carrying capacity: 100 kg
Gross weight: 40 kg
– Camera with 3x zoom 10x gimbal
– Search probe 2000×500 mm
– Humanitarian demining
2.4/5.8 GHz/LTE
Control range depending on LTE coverage
– For military use
176/433/1300 MHz
Tactical LTE and secure channel with IFR
Control range 2+ km

Inventor / company:

The super is in a safe place, at a protected distance from the explosion.

Sapper drone based on an ATV

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