Drone miner and scout

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A compact tracked platform that can be used as a miner, as a scout and as a kamikaze


The universal tracked platform can be a miner, a scout or a kamikaze. It is guaranteed to work at a distance of 1 kilometer. The operator does not need to be in the drone’s line of sight – a quadcopter is used for correction.


– product length 700 mm
– width 350 mm
– electric drive 6-12 V
– 700 size motors
– independent torsion suspension
– The tracks have a trunnion gearing
– control equipment Skudroid H16
– payload 12 kg


Reliable crawler drive and high driving characteristics, as well as high load capacity with compact dimensions. The prototype has been successfully tested at the front, near Bakhmut, and has destroyed one enemy APC.

Drone miner and scout

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675 $