Remote combat module “Maestro”

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A lethal weapon with remote control.

Lethal weapons.

Folding telescopic legs for easy transportation and installation in various types of positions.
Battery life in combat mode is 7-8 hours.
The type of machine gun installed is a PKT.
Ammunition capacity without reloading: 500 pcs. 7.62 mm ammunition.
The turning radius of the warhead is 360 degrees.
The angle of lowering/raising of the warhead relative to the horizon is -10/+35 degrees.
The weight of the combat module (without the control unit) is 100 kg.
The possible installation distance of the combat module from the operator (control unit) is up to 100 meters.
The connecting wire is divided into segments, which allows you to set the desired distance without unnecessary wiring (5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 50m, 100m).
Detection/observation/aiming distance – up to 1700 m (depending on the type of thermal imaging scope).
Availability of the function of autonomous firing (without operator participation) – 15 minutes.
The presence of a self-destruct function.

Remote control allows you to save the life of the module operator.

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Remote combat module “Maestro”

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