Maestro remote combat module

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Lethal weapon.
Folding telescopic legs: for easy transport and installation in various types of positions. Battery life in combat mode: approximately 7-8 hours.

Type of mounted machine gun: PKT.
Ammunition capacity without reloading: 500 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition.
Rotation radius of the warhead: 360 degrees.
Angle of lowering/raising of the warhead relative to the horizon: -10/+35 degrees.
Weight of the combat module (without control unit): 100 kg.
Possible installation distance of the combat module from the operator (control unit): up to 100 m.
The connecting wire is divided into segments, which allows you to set the desired distance without unnecessary wiring (5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 50m, 100m).
Detection/surveillance/aiming distance: up to 1700m (depending on the type of thermal imaging sight).
Autonomous firing function (without operator intervention): 15 minutes.
Self-destruct function.

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Remote control makes it possible to save the life of the module operator

Maestro remote combat module

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