Dzhmil FPV drones

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The Dzhmil training and kamikaze FPV drones are a finished product with established in-house production. Drones deliver payloads to the recipient and thus reduce the number of manpower, lightly armored vehicles and equipment of the enemy.


Ability to carry up to 1.5 kg of payload
Speed: up to 142 km/h
Time: up to 10 minutes of flight

The invention has already been tested and is currently undergoing the procedure for approval for use in the Armed Forces. The development team also conducted training for an experimental combat unit.


  • Low cost of the kamikaze
  • Easy to increase production capacity
  • Own training center (for pilots and engineers, both military and civilian)

Inventor / company: Design Bureau “Dzhmil”

Dzhmil FPV drones

looking for investor
Investment amount
375 000 $