E-motion electric bike

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All-season electric bike for silent movement and reconnaissance.

Suitable for use by units in the combat zone. It has the technical characteristics of an enduro bike but is relatively light and reliable due to its frame construction. It can withstand the dynamic stress of jumping and can be pedaled easily like a regular bike. Overcomes difficult terrain. It can be used as a mobile power bank. The bike can be in the “light camouflage” mode, all light indication is turned on as needed.

electric drive, 3 kW motor
range – 80/100 km (depending on load)
motorcycle seats, motorcycle wheels, shields are installed in the kit
adjustable shock absorbers in travel and stiffness
anti-tire puncture technology is applied and has protection against light reflection
invisible in the RBM
mobile and highly mobile

The author of the invention / company: “BikeBox” LLC


The model has been in operation for 5 years in various environments, there are orders from volunteers for the military, and the company has received requests for manufacturing for the needs of the military. 8 units of equipment are already being used by the military to fulfill their tasks.

E-motion electric bike

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