Evac Kit 1

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Equipment of medical evacuation vehicles

KIT kits for complete and quick equipment of evacuation vehicles. The set includes:
◦ collapsible frame with PVC awning
Tactical stretchers
◦ medical organizer (filling with medicines on request)
lighting ◦ lighting
◦ seat belt
◦ special. floor covering
◦ additional side on the bed (if necessary)

Inventor / company: Camper Kit

Advantages of the KIT kit:
1. It can be installed on any pickup truck or truck quickly – it takes less than one business day to equip the truck.
2. The machine is fully equipped and ready for use.
3. Installation can take place in the field.
4. The kit was developed together with experienced paramedics and meets the needs of the first stage (shoulder) of evacuation.
The set for a pickup truck is UAH 16000.
The truck costs 30,000 UAH.

Evac Kit 1

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Fundraising amount
19 000uah
The cost
34 000 uah
Investment amount
30 000 uah