Fluggeheimer 10″

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The Fluggeheimen 10″ strike UAV is capable of lifting loads of up to 12 kg with a range of up to 10 km.


The Fluggeheimen 10″ is a striking, reusable multi-rotor UAV with a first-person control system capable of lifting loads of up to 12 kg with a range of up to 10 km. It has a discharge system designed for use with IEDs based on the TM 62M anti-tank mine. The drone’s supporting frame is made of a combination of aluminum and plywood, which ensures low frame cost and fast manufacturing. The frame design is designed to withstand weight, vibrations, and overloads when flying a drone with the specified weight. The wooden parts of the frame are impregnated with moisture-resistant impregnation to protect it from weather conditions during storage and transportation.


– Height without antenna: 162 mm
– Widths (with propellers): 700 mm
– Width (without propellers): 483 mm
– Length (with propellers): 700 mm
– Drone weight without battery: 2.59 kg
– Maximum takeoff weight: 18.59 kg
– Maximum load: 12
– Control communication frequency*: 915 MHz
– Video communication**: 5800 MHz
– Camera type: analog
– Number of engines: 8 pcs.
– Capacity: 900 kV
– Flight range***: 10 km
– Discharge system: present

* The control communication frequency may vary according to the firmware of the communication module.
** video communication frequency may vary depending on the installed video communication module
*** The flight range is determined by the type and capacity of the installed battery. This value is based on an 8400 mAh battery.

The author of the invention / company: https://www.remoteguardsolutions.com

Fluggeheimer 10″

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