FPV drone “Grom”

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A wind-resistant and maneuverable FPV drone with a unique carbon fiber frame of its own production.


The Grom FPV drone is manufactured for military use and has proven its effectiveness in the most difficult combat conditions.

Technological characteristics:

– Maximum altitude up to 3000 m
– Size 480×410 mm
– LIION/8000 mAh battery
– Digital/analog video system
– Deployment time 5 minutes


– up to 2 kg of ammunition
– up to 12 km flight range.
– Tests: more than 150 targets hit


Unique durable frame made of carbon fiber. Wind resistance and maneuverability at high speeds, its own explosion initiation system, very high-quality, reinforced and powerful batteries that allow flying with a load of 12 km.

The author of the invention / company: CHARITABLE FOUNDATION “SKY OF VICTORY”

FPV drone “Grom”

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Production of drones for the Defense Forces

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