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A high-speed, highly maneuverable FPV kamikaze aircraft for destroying enemy manpower and equipment.


– Engine: electric;
– Flight range: up to 30 km;
– Flight time: up to 20 minutes;
– Speed: up to 160 km/h;
– Payload weight (PW) 3140 grams (fragmentation) 1300 grams (cumulative);
– Weight of the UAV with the RF: 5.2 – 7.1 kg, depending on the UAV;
– Wingspan: 1700mm;
– Target control: FPV video camera;
– Start: catapult.


  • Low cost of UAVs;
  • Own production of up to 60 units per month with the ability to scale;
  • Package contents: FPV helmet-glasses, control unit, charger;
  • Pneumatic catapult of our own production;
  • Training of pilots;
  • The tests were performed at a military training ground.

The author of the invention / company: Bentham Ukraine LLC.


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4 250 $
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150 000 $