Fury Pro copter

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Easy to operate attack drone that delivers payloads to the enemy even in the face of electronic warfare

The Fury pro quadcopter drone is capable of carrying a maximum payload of 15 kg and flying 6-7 km with it.

The size of the quadcopter is 100*100*75 cm
Can carry 3 mines of 3 kg each with a range of 10 km
Video 5.8 (3.3 can be installed), 915 control (can be pprch), there is a protected gps
Flies with Reb, easy to operate
Has a mini version for 2.5 kg


  • can carry 15 kg (120 mines) for 6.5 km, or 10 kg (three 82 mines, alternate discharge) for 10 km
  • when equipped with a thermal imager, it can be used at night
  • there is a possibility of remote control from a dugout (trench)
  • separate configurations with control protection and GPS
  • the dimensions of the copter allow you to transport it in an SUV

Fury Pro copter

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