Geophone “Seismo-1”

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The Seismo 1 device reacts and signals when a person is within 50 meters of it and a vehicle within 150 meters.


– The device ignores weather conditions and identifies human movement through software analysis of the pattern of ground oscillations caused by human or vehicle movement.
– The device is powered by an autonomous system based on solar panels, which makes it possible to use the equipment anywhere without being tied to a power source.
– Thanks to the installed GSM and GPRS modules, the user can receive data at any distance. GPS ensures that the device’s coordinates are accurate at all times.
– The device is equipped with a built-in microphone. When receiving data on the presence of an object near the equipment, the user can call the device and listen to what is happening within a radius of up to 30 meters around the equipment. The equipment is equipped with inputs and outputs, which makes it possible to connect and control third-party devices.
– The body of the device is equipped with a tail part, which is responsible for a smooth fall of the device (for hard-to-reach locations) when dropped from a height using a drone


In the modern world, there is a growing need for effective and reliable control over important territories. In this context, Seismo-1 was created, a unique device designed to analyze and respond to earth vibrations, providing reliable protection and monitoring.

Geophone “Seismo-1”

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