Individual Automatic Weapon “Vovkulaka”

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An assault rifle that turns into a machine gun within 1 minute.

Specifications for barrel modifications (11 inches\14 inches):

– Weight (gr): 2950\3050
– Length (mm): 715 – 790\790-875
– Width (mm): 75
– Height (mm): 180
– Combat rate of fire (rounds per minute): 60-150
– Technical rate of fire (fps): 650
– Caliber: 5,56х45
– Barrel material: 31CrMoV9

Machine gun:

– Weight (gr): 4500
– Length (mm): 800-880
– Width (mm): 100
– Height (mm): 205
– Combat rate of fire (rounds per minute): 250
– Technical rate of fire (fps): 650
– Caliber: 5,56х45
– Barrel material: Н13

“The Vovkulaka can be supplied as an integrated weapon system (IAW) or as a separate machine gun.

The Vovkulaka IAW is based on the Stoner system, which is used in almost all NATO armies and is produced in many countries around the world. However, even in its basic version – a simple machine gun – Vovkulaka has a number of design advantages, such as

  • full two-way control – ambidexter
  • quick-release spout (with M-Lock system for attaching accessories), which provides access to cleaning and maintenance of the gas piston system
  • gas piston system based on the H&K416 system (legendary reliability) with modernization for easy maintenance and cleaning

However, the main advantage of the IAW “Vovkulaka” is the ability to convert it from an assault rifle to a handgun within seconds by replacing the upper receiver (Apera).

The soldier receives a full-fledged machine gun that operates with an open bolt (from the rear whisperer) with the ability to quickly replace the barrel using standard NATO 5.56×45 machine gun magazines for 100 and 200 rounds, with a weight of only 1 kg more than that of an assault rifle.

The machine gun can also be operated from NATO-standard M4 automatic magazines.
The machine gun is equipped with a Weaver rail for mounting various optoelectronic sights and fixed sights (sight, front sight), which are aimed at a direct fire range of 250 meters.
The ammunition feed window and the ejection windows for cartridge cases and belt links are equipped with curtains to prevent dirt from entering during transportation.

The curtain that covers the ribbon feed window is equipped with a spring and also serves as a ribbon calmer.

The author of the invention / company: High Precision Technologies LLC

Individual Automatic Weapon “Vovkulaka”

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