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A kamikaze FPV strike drone that covers a distance of 15 km with a payload of 1.5 kg.

destruction of lightly armored vehicles, vehicles, enemy groups, and ammunition.


– Payload: 1.5 kg
– Flight range:
up to 15km (with 8000mAh battery)
up to 8km (with 4000mAh battery)
– Tactical radius: 10 km
– Flight duration (with load):
12min (with 8000mAh battery)
6 min (with 4000mAh battery)
– Flight speed (with load):
70 km/h cruising speed
110 km/h maximum;
– Maximum height: 1000м

Top speed without load – 155 km/h

– Frame – 7 inches (320mm)
– Material – textolite
– Management – TBS Crossfire 866/915 MHZ
– Analog video – 5.8GHZ, 1.6W
– Battery voltage – 25.2 V
– Current output – 90 A

It can be purchased separately:
– Li-ion 6S1P 4000 mAh battery (Molicel 21700) – 2400 UAH
– Li-ion 6S2P 8000 mAh battery (Molicel 21700) – 4680 UAH
– FPV kamikaze quadcopter (7 inch frame) – 14100 UAH
– RadioMaster TX12 MK2 ELRS remote control, 2.4 GHz – 5250 UAH
– Skyzone SKY04X V2 FPV glasses – 18750 UAH
– Solution with remote antennas (control: TBS Crossfire; video: analog 5.8 MHz) – UAH 23700


  • It is a well-balanced, easy-to-use FPV drone with a good payload, high-quality image transmission, and appropriate driving characteristics for strike missions.
  • Stable communication at a distance of 15 km with a clear radio horizon.
  • All drones have undergone multiple trials and tests (this happens with every modernization). All tests are recorded and have formalized conclusions. There is video evidence of the tests. Now 5 different brigades are using the team’s drones in combat. There is video evidence of a hit on enemy equipment.

It is possible to customize the assembly to meet the specific needs and requests of the military, namely, to choose:

Video transmission module with the right frequency

Battery capacity
-Li-ion 6S1P, 4000 mAh
-Li-ion 6S2P, 8000 mAh
-Without battery


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470 $