Kaban demining drone

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An armored wheeled deminer drone equipped with demining equipment.

The Kaban project is a wheeled deminer drone based on a universal ground platform with special equipment that moves various equipment and serves to clear the territory. Due to the design of its housing, it can withstand the damaging factors of explosive devices of various types. Additional equipment can include a metal detector, cameras of various spectra, manipulators for using sapper bombs, a hydraulic gun, and other sapper tools.


– undercarriage: wheeled platform.
– cross-country ability: 4X4 all-terrain vehicle.
– maximum angle of ascent and descent: 30°.
– maximum speed: 6 km/h.
– Engine: electric.
– battery: LiFePO4 (fireproof), 4S, 2P; 14.4V, 40A/h.
– range: up to 10 km. or 6 hours of work.
– Communication: analog system – 2.4 – 5.8 GHz, up to 300 m of reliable communication, NTSC/PAL video format;
– digital system – 5.8 GHz, up to 1000m of reliable FullHD 1080 communication.
– control: analog system remote control + phone (tablet); digital system remote control smart controller.
– Type of tires: tubeless, foam-filled, puncture resistant.
– inner case: armored capsule to protect equipment and batteries.
– outer casing: 5mm steel.
– Dimensions: 600x750x370 mm.
– Weight: 45 kg.
– Load capacity: up to 30 kg with the same performance.
– Operating temperature: 40°C -15°C.

The author of the invention / company: https://kabandrone.com.ua/


  • removal of tripwires and visual detection of explosive devices.
  • simplifying the stage of liquidation of ammunition to be destroyed at the place of detection.
  • optimization of search activities to identify hazardous areas.
  • speeding up the process of dividing and marking the territory to be demined.
  • tests were conducted in a landfill. The existing products are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kaban demining drone

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