Kamikaze Babai UAV

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A kamikaze UAV of the Babai aircraft type, capable of flying up to 60 km with a payload of up to 3 kg.


The Babai UAV is designed to destroy lightly armored vehicles, vehicles, enemy groups, and ammunition.


– The flight range is up to 60 km.
– Payload up to 3 kg.
– Radio communication – Crossfire/ELRS.
– Video communication – 1.2 GHz/, 5.8 GHz.

The Babai kamikaze UAV has passed factory tests and confirmed its specifications.
Easy and quick to assemble. Can be launched by hand or from a catapult.


The Babai UAV can fly behind enemy lines at a great distance, which gives it an advantage over conventional FPV drones. Equipped with a 3 kg warhead, it can inflict significant damage to the enemy.

Kamikaze Babai UAV

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