Kamikaze CR drone for special operations at operational distances

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The CR kamikaze drone is successfully used by the DIU for precision strikes within the framework of special operations at operational distances of 50-150 km and under the influence of enemy electronic warfare to destroy enemy command headquarters, logistics chains, ammunition depots, etc.


The CR Kamikaze Drone (VTail) is powered by fully proprietary electronics, including flight control (CR v3.151 multiprocessor universal controller), communications (specialized high-speed radio system for telemetry and commands and satellite communications), navigation and guidance (inertial, optical and jamming-proof CRPA-GNSS system). Proprietary technologies allow us to go beyond the capabilities of existing solutions and not depend on scarce components. There is an urgent need for this drone for the tasks of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.


– The accuracy of the impression: 3м
– Range: 50-150 km
– Load: 3kg
– Cruising speed: 90 km/h
– Max. speed: 230 km/h
– Engine: Electric

Kamikaze CR drone for special operations at operational distances

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The purpose of collecting donations:
UAH 184,000 for the production of 10 CR drone units for GUR.
The investment amount is UAH 11,034,675 for the start of serial production.

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275 867 $