Kayaks for military use “Poloz”

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In particularly difficult combat conditions, kayaks can be easily transported by car, armored personnel carrier and even tank without damage.


  • Water patrols from the parents’ big boats.
  • Defense and patrolling of territorial waters, maritime border zones, and marshland border areas.
  • Patrolling coastal zones to protect them from intrusion, patrolling around the island, patrolling sea level, patrolling hard-to-reach areas, lakes, rivers and water areas.
  • Service of radio beacons and hydroacoustic buoys.
  • Study and mapping of sea currents, weather and sailing conditions.
  • Covert transportation and rapid deployment of operators with the necessary equipment to the mission area.
  • Transportation and collection of civilians and military personnel from enemy infiltration zones.
  • Landing approach in difficult atmospheric conditions: storm, ice drift, strong winds, Arctic conditions.
  • Launching and landing operations from other water and airborne assets: helicopter, airplane, carrier, submarine.
  • Landing on the water from a height of 5-10 meters.
  • Approach and retreat to the mission area from a long distance along the coastline, coastal waters, and along the course of rivers.
  • Boat service between the river banks.
  • Parachuting into the mission area.

Launching or lifting out of the water on a carrier vessel is done with the help of brackets fixed in the bow and stern of the kayak.


  • You can transport kayaks in the trunk of a car, in the back of a pickup truck, truck, or even in a tank. The kayaks, which are attached to the conveyor body with a cable, are transported without damage.
  • The kayaks can withstand multiple parachute drops or parachute drops from a helicopter into the mission area from a height of more than 10 meters.
  • Due to the high level of thermal insulation against water, it can be used in Arctic conditions.

The author of the invention: Adamant Shipyard LLC

The cost of kayaks in the package №1
(fully usable):
POLOZ-M12 – UAH 67,000;
POLOZ-M16 – UAH 88,000;
POLOZ-M20″” – UAH 111,000.

Kayaks for military use “Poloz”

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