Mounts for optics (sights) of monoblocks

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A product from experts in precision shooting and engineers for reliable use by the defenders of Ukraine. It is distinguished by its reliability and high wear resistance parameters compared to international counterparts.

Mounting of optics and sights of monoblocks.

Structural aluminum alloy (6082 T6).
Withstands the stress of active operations.
It is made from a mono-billet on a five-axis machine from a single setup.
Reliably holds large calibers 308, 338.
An anodizing method based on the American weapon coating technology, which makes the monoblock less vulnerable to damage.
The bore for the scope mounting is bored by a high-precision system that ensures the surface and circumference of the product are of high quality.
Weight – 340 g.


  • Aluminum alloy.
  • Anodizing according to the American technology of weapon coating.
  • Wear resistance in harsh combat conditions.
  • The production is located in Lviv. For many months, the company has been producing products for defenders. The company’s experts, designers and employees are based in Ukraine, and the team focuses on creating high-quality products made in Ukraine.

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Mounts for optics (sights) of monoblocks

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The price of the main mount for large-calibre weapons is UAH 8900. The price for the carbine mount is UAH 6100.