M.I.L.E.S. laser simulator of two-sided fire contact.

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A laser simulator for training military personnel in conditions as close to combat as possible.

How it works:

A laser beam fired from the machine and hitting the receiver automatically records the hit at a distance of up to 300 meters. All statistics about the training battle are recorded by the operator.

The effectiveness of using laser tag:

– improves tactical combat and survival skills
– allows you to teach teamwork
– significantly saves the budget, as expensive consumables (ammunition) are not used during training.

The laser tag training equipment set consists of:

– A special laser module is installed on an assault rifle or a model weapon
– Electronic sensor-receivers attached to a vest or helmet.
– Control bases with information display on a tablet.


  • The invention is completely unique (not a copy of any existing product) and was developed in Ukraine.
  • The system uses proprietary software that is “updated over the air” and a proprietary Anroid application for device management and statistics.
  • The electronic circuits, boards, and power supply system are unparalleled.
  • More than 40 elements of the case and fasteners are completely original and are manufactured in our own production according to the developments of our engineers.

The invention is distinguished from its analogues by an improved firing algorithm and a “hybrid emitter” that allows for better hit fixation, both at short distances of up to 20 meters and at longer distances of 150-300 meters. This is not possible when using only laser emitters. Shots are fired with a green visible laser.

All the elements (board, speaker, battery) are placed in one module on the weapon on the barrel, rather than in several (on the barrel and in the clip), which makes the system more reliable. Also, the entire system is built as a modular system, which improves service.

As for the economic benefits, this invention, which has similar technical characteristics, costs 5-10 times less than the products of other manufacturers.

The author of the invention / company: Scientific and production company “U-Force”

M.I.L.E.S. laser simulator of two-sided fire contact.

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The cost of the invention is UAH 27,000. Collection of 750,000 hryvnias. To provide 5 separate assault brigades with 20 sets of laser simulators.

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