Military plastic stretchers (drags) ARES

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Compact and durable plastic evacuation stretcher that rolls up for transportation.


– Allows the wounded to be extracted by a single person with the least amount of effort
– Protect the wounded during transportation
– Saves resources and time of combat medics
– The stretcher-wolves move on the ground, asphalt, snow, and the person is immobilized and fixed, as if in a cocoon. You can also pull the wounded person out in an upright position or attach the rope to the tow bar of a vehicle and pull it along


– Material: German polymer plastic, polyamide sling (nylon), reinforced nylon fittings for military equipment
– Dimensions: 2300×600 mm
– Roll size: 600×180 mm
– Working load: 150+ kg
– Operating temperature range: -50 to +40°C
– Color: Black

They were tested in various field conditions and in combat by soldiers and medics of various units of the Armed Forces.

There are 3 models of stretchers available:
– Standard: 230×60 cm
– Narrow: 210×50 cm
– Wide: 240×90 cm

Main advantages:

  • Wear resistance of the material
  • Increased resistance to abrasion/breakage/tearing/moisture
  • Compact – rolls up into a roll
  • Evacuation can be carried out by 1 to 6 people at a time
  • The ability to pull the wounded person out on the ground/snow with the least amount of effort
  • Can be pulled out vertically/hooked to a car tow bar or to machinery
  • The wounded man is immobilized, as if in a cocoon. Hands, feet, head do not drag on the ground
  • The plastic creates a more rigid base under the wounded’s body, unlike soft stretchers that sag under the weight and make it impossible to transport them “flat” or close to a horizontal position. The problem is especially relevant in case of spinal/pelvic injuries.

Military plastic stretchers (drags) ARES

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