Mine sweeper drone

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A low-weight drone that is not triggered by anti-tank mines or will be avoided by communication with the drone, while the drone clears anti-personnel mines.


The drone in this configuration has already passed field tests. A tank mine and 200 grams of directional TNT (which is 2 times the amount of PPM), there were raids on the TM, and a large number of consultations with sapper companies were held.


– Width: 140cm
– Length: 230cm
– Minimum power reserve: 2.5 hours with the drum on
– Minimum: 6 hours on the move.
– Weight: (approximately) up to 300 kg
– Battery capacity: 5.5 kWh
– Charging time: 3 hours
– Useful width of the demining strip: 135cm
– Travel speed during demining: Minimum 0.6 km/h (depending on the type of terrain)
– Maximum speed: 12 km/h


  • The main idea is to be cheap.
  • The ability to scale quickly.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Modularity and easy replacement of both the drum and wheels (as the only place of damage to the drone)
  • The drone weighs up to 300x and has a weight reserve before it can detonate on one wheel

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Mine sweeper drone

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