Mobile charging station “Dzherelo-186”

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Highly mobile device for fast charging and power supply of various low-current electronics


The invention has the ability to simultaneously charge up to 4 devices via USB quick-charge, one device via a 12V cigarette lighter, and a device with a power of up to 300 watts via a 220V outlet. The total capacity of a fully charged battery can charge 40 smartphones or 10 Mavic 3 drones.


Lithium-ion battery: 186,000 mAh or 660 Watt-hours
4 USB 3.0 quick-charge or PowerDelivery connectors
1 socket “cigarette lighter” 12 V, current up to 25 A
1 220 V socket, power up to 300 W
Dimensions: 340x170x140 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Includes a bag-case made of Cordura 1100 D fabric

“Dzherelo-186 can be charged from:

Solar module “Svitanok” through the built-in connector
Networks 220 V
Any 12V or 24V battery
Car via a 12 V “cigarette lighter” socket


  • Lightweight, high-quality and cheap charging station
  • Availability of tests and orders
  • The product has been successfully used in the Armed Forces of Ukraine since July 2012.

The author of the invention / company: PE “ASF Energy”

Mobile charging station “Dzherelo-186”

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