Mobile countermeasures system MSCV-12

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The system is designed to counter UAVs and civilian drones.


The system is designed to counter UAVs and civilian drones. The principle of operation is to create radio jamming in several frequency bands.

The effect of counteraction:
– Loss of control of the UAV/Drone operator or significant difficulties in control
– Loss of video signal from a UAV
– Makes it impossible to use geolocation systems
– Loss of UAV telemetry data
This can lead to a UAV crash, loss of orientation, mission interruption, and premature return to the takeoff point. The use of the countermeasure system significantly impairs the performance of tasks by the UAV operator or makes it impossible.

Loss of UAV communication with geo-positioning systems makes it impossible for the UAV autopilot to operate accurately enough or leads to a crash.

Technical characteristics

Suppression channels:
– 14 suppression channels
– Radio jamming at signal frequencies from 200 MHz to 6000 MHz

Main points:
– Simultaneously operates in the frequency bands listed below.
– External high-gain directional antennas.
– Total output power: up to 1500W.
– No interference with neighboring frequency bands.
– VSWR – protection against damage to the antenna or RF cable.

Protection against overheating:
– 65 ̊C shutdown .
– 50 ̊C resumption of operation.
– Operating temperature from -20 °C to + 45 °C.
– Humidity%-95%, without condensation.
Battery life: from 60 minutes (optional, not included in the standard package)

Package contents:


– Lifting mechanism
– Antenna directional mechanism
– Electronic jamming units
– Directional antennas
– Power supply
– Control panel
The complete set is agreed with the customer and is indicated in the specification annex.

Warranty conditions:

– The manufacturer guarantees the device’s operability during the entire warranty period, subject to the operating and storage requirements set forth in the operating documentation.
– The warranty period starts from the date of commencement of operation, but not later than 6 months from the date of acceptance.
– Repairs during the warranty period are carried out by the manufacturer.
– Guaranteed shelf life: 24 months from the date of receipt
– The warranty period is 12 months.
– Battery life: at least 12 months
– Service life of the device: at least 5 years

Application possibilities:

– Military missions
– Conducting special operations
– Countering kamikaze drone attacks
– Protecting critical facilities
– A mobile system for countering drones in the vicinity of airports, oil storage facilities, oil and gas companies, etc.


– Increased power and, as a result, efficiency and range
– Mobility
– Ease of use
– Versatility due to the number of ranges
– Autonomy – use of battery power or generator

The author of the invention / company: Piranha Tech LLC

Mobile countermeasures system MSCV-12

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