Non-sinking ferry crossing and pontoons

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To guide crossings and transport any equipment across rivers.

Material: composite concrete, polymer concrete.

– Requires 2 times less staff.
– Moving a section without a trawl
– Possibility of lowering the section on weak soils.
– The pontoon can be delivered to the position in advance, camouflaged, and launched at the right time, without the need for equipment.
– Individual special equipment and personnel are not required to organize the ferry.
– A tractor is not required after delivery to the place of camouflage.
– The ability to lower and raise the section without moving the equipment.
– Low-noise, hidden launching process without the use of special equipment by the unit in manual mode.
– The standard torsion axles are integrated into the metal frame of the pontoon, quick-change and designed for off-road use

Non-sinking ferry crossing and pontoons

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