OWL EYE night vision system for cars and equipment

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OWL EYE night vision system based on the infrared spectrum for cars and equipment.


The system provides a viewing range of up to 150 meters in the dark.


– Vibration resistance M2
– Impact resistance IK10
– The system operates in the range from 9 to 32V voltage (it can be installed on any heavy armored vehicles, MLRS, trucks, jeeps).
– High-resolution monitor (visible range up to 150m at speeds up to 110km/h without delay).


  • No ripples and interference (realized thanks to a proprietary control board that removes all interference and interference on the video signal).
  • High image clarity thanks to the digital signal.
  • Reduced monitor brightness (driver’s illumination is reduced to 90%, without loss of image quality).
  • The ability to turn the spotlight on and off without turning off the entire system.
  • Ability to connect the battery without additional devices.
  • Universal replacement of any failed component without the need to replace the entire system.
    Quick-release fasteners (for quick dismantling of any unit in combat conditions without the use of tools).

The author of the invention / company: ATMARAKSI https://www.atmaraksi.com/

OWL EYE night vision system for cars and equipment

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