Parametrix ballistic (ballistic mask)

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A ballistic protective face mask is a mandatory piece of equipment for a soldier in a combat zone.

Protection against subsonic bullets and fragments in combat, positional combat and for machine gunners. The mask protects the face from bullets and shrapnel during combat, allowing the soldier to preserve his life and health.

Weight – 450 g.
The soft fabric lining provides additional comfort during long hours of wear.
Adjustable straps allow you to choose a mask for any head size.


  • The mask is suitable for use in trench battles and for machine gunners on the front line. Provides protection against fire.
  • Provides reliable protection against bullets and shrapnel.
  • It consists of a durable ballistic Kevlar material that can withstand a shot from a 9 mm Makarov pistol.

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Parametrix ballistic (ballistic mask)

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