Payalo dumping system

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Multi-caliber drop for commercial and FPV drones.


It is securely and quickly attached to the drone and delivers the payload as intended.


– micro USB or USB Type-C charging connectors
– works autonomously for up to 24 hours
– projectile weight up to 1 kg
– discharge weight 84 grams
– protected from fasteners getting into the screws
– 85x35x28 without fasteners.


The drop system is manufactured for different drones and is universal in terms of the projectile used. Both F1 and VOG17 OR any specialized projectile can be securely mounted in the seat.

Payalo dumping system

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8 000$
What are we fundraising for?

The price per piece is UAH 700. The amount of the fee is UAH 320,000. The goal is to provide the team with material to craft.