“Fierce” power. Model “C” 1450 W*h

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A portable charging station designed specifically for military use and proven to be effective in the most difficult combat conditions. The station has passed state military and civilian certification.

A portable charging station for the military that can charge 85+ thermal imagers, 150+ phones, 250+ radios; provide 20+ hours of Starlink operation and 12+ hours of DJI Mavic 3 drone flight.

Capacity: 1,450 Wh | 350,000 mAh
Time to full charge: 5 hours
Weight: 9.6 kg
Dimensions: 33x23x12cm
1x120w – 12V DC cigarette lighter
1xJump Starter 12V (600A)
XT90 (direct battery output)
3Ń…USB A (5V 1.0A)
3xUSB A (5V 2.1A)
2xUSB 3.0 (5V QC)

Inventor / company: PPS


  • the only charging station manufacturers in Ukraine to receive a military certificate of conformity
  • the model range and characteristics are developed according to the requirements of military personnel from different formations and different types of troops
  • metal housing withstands extreme conditions, the station operates even after heavy machinery hits it and shrapnel hits it
  • the station has no additional sound or light indicators for the safety of the military, so it is invisible to specialized equipment
  • new certified Li-Ion NMC batteries are used, which are characterized by their lightness

“Fierce” power. Model “C” 1450 W*h

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