“Fierce” power. Model “U” 750 W*h

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A portable charging station designed specifically for military use and proven to be effective in the most difficult combat conditions. The station has passed state military and civilian certification.

Portable charging station for the military, capable of charging 40+ thermal imagers, 75+ phones, 125+ radios; provide 10+ hours of Starlink operation and 6+ hours of DJI Mavic 3 drone flight!

Capacity: 750 Wh | 180,000 mAh
Time to full charge: 2.5 hours
Chaga: 8 kg
Dimensions: 28x24x15cm
1x600w – 220V socket
AC 4x18w – USB-QC 5V DC

Inventor / company: PPS


  • the only charging station manufacturers in Ukraine to receive a military certificate of conformity
  • the model range and characteristics are developed according to the requirements of military personnel from different formations and different types of troops
  • metal housing withstands extreme conditions, the station operates even after heavy machinery hits it and shrapnel hits it
  • the station has no additional sound or light indicators for the safety of the military, so it is invisible to specialized equipment
  • new certified Li-Ion NMC batteries are used, which are characterized by their lightness

“Fierce” power. Model “U” 750 W*h

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