Portable charging station PPS

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Portable charging station for the military. Ukrainian production.

Functionality of the invention:

  • The PPS portable charging station charges 40+ thermal imagers, 75+ phones, 125+ radios;
  • provides 10+ hours of Starlink operation and 6+ hours of DJI Mavic 3 flight time!

Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity: 2250 Wh | 540,000 mAh;
  • Time to full charge: 7.5 hours (however, it is possible to order an additional charger and charge in 3.5 hours);
  • 2x700w – 220V AC socket (inverter built-in with pure sine wave);
  • 6x18w – USB-QC 5V DC.

The author of the invention / company: https://www.pps.com.ua/


  1. The model range and characteristics are designed to meet the requirements of military personnel from various formations and branches of the armed forces.
  2. The metal casing can withstand extreme conditions, and the station operates even after heavy machinery hits it and shrapnel hits it.
  3. The station does not have additional sound or light indicators for the safety of the military, so it is invisible to specialized equipment.
  4. We use the new certified Li-Ion NMC batteries, which are characterized by their lightness.
  5. Guarantee for the military – to victory!
  6. Stations are available.
  7. We are always in touch with our customers, responding to requests and taking into account all the wishes for further product improvement!

Availability of tests and orders:
Our portable charging stations are designed specifically for military needs and have quickly proven their effectiveness in the most difficult combat conditions.

We also carry out special orders for military organizations, for civilians, in areas with damaged infrastructure, and for critical infrastructure facilities.

Portable charging station PPS

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