Portable field kitchen

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A multifunctional mobile kitchen that is used for cooking outdoors, for example, in places where troops are deployed.


Provides cooking in the field. It runs on 3 types of fuel. In 1 hour, you can cook food for 70-100 people.


– Height in packed form: 1100 mm
– Width: 600 mm
– Length: 900 mm
– Weight (net): ~150 kg
– Number of people provided with meals: 30/50/75 people
– Capacity of cooking tanks: PK-30 / PK-50 / PK-75 l
– Chimney diameter, mm 100/110/125
– Fuel wood / diesel

The kitchen has the following structure:
– Combustion chamber (firebox)
– Tool transportation boxes
– Cover table
– Chimney system
– Water heating tank (optional)
Containers for cooking:
– a single-walled cauldron for the first course,
– a cauldron with an oil jacket for the second course

The kitchen can be additionally equipped:

For modification with a diesel burner:
– fuel system
– kitchen nozzle

For modification with a gas burner:
– gas cylinder with connection kit
– gas burner


  • compact overall dimensions
  • low weight
  • can operate on 3 types of fuel: firewood, gas, diesel fuel (gasoline)
  • has a certificate of quality and hygiene, is produced in series in accordance with TU
  • indispensable for the military and IDP centers

Portable field kitchen

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